As everyone knows flowers are the best gifts to show some one your love, affection, gratitude, etc towards them. The sight of flowers make anyone’s mind and soul bloom at the same time and refresh you.

Birthdays are the best time to show you care and buy them something that they will cherish and appreciate for a long time. None other than flowers can do this.

Birth Flowers

As you will await eagerly for a memorable birthday gift from your loved ones it is vice versa too. Your near and dear ones also be awaiting to know what your gift will be.

Buying gifts on a birthday for your loved one is not that simple. But June Flowers make it simple for you to order flowers and cakes online and also help to choose the perfect birthday flower.

Is it not amazing to know that there is a birth flower for each month?

Month Flower
January Carnations
February Iris
March Daffodil
April Daisy or Sweet Pea
May Lily
June Rose
July Water lily
August Gladiola
September Aster
October Marigold
November Chrysanthemum
December Narcissus

Choose your birthday flower according to the birth month and send to your loved one to feel them special with your amazing gift.

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Significance of birth month flowers

Carnations – This January birth flower comes in different colours and each colour has a different meaning. In general Carnation symbolizes Gratitude, divine love and glory.

Iris – Even though February is well known with red roses for Valentine’s Day, it is not the birth month flower. Iris is the one and it means Loyalty, faith and wisdom.

Daffodil – This March birth flower signifies new beginnings and prosperity

Daisy or Sweet Pea – These April flowers – daisy signifies innocence and purity, Sweet pea symbolises pleasure and on the other hand departure.

Lily – This May birth flower means sweetness, humility and hope

Rose – As we all know, this June birth flower coming in different colours than any flower and the most fragrant one has more meanings that one can count! The significant meaning being Love.

Water Lily – This July birth flower signifies purity and majesty.

Gladiola – This August birth flower means generosity, remembrance and integrity

Aster - This September month flower symbolises elegance and powerful love – shop now and send birthday gifts online in Dubai.

Marigold – This vibrant October birth flower means joy, passion and creativity

Chrysanthemum – This November birth flower means Love, cheerfulness, wealth and also abundance

Narcissus – This December birth flower means stay as sweet as you or as just as you

Now as you get to know about the birth month flowers, don’t miss a chance to wish your loved ones now onwards with a significant flower for their birth day and send beautiful flowers for birthday.

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