International Women’s Day

Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th globally. International Women’s Day celebrations dates back to 100 years.

Even though women have achieved so much in almost every field since the last century, the gender inequality still exists.

One of the main reason for the celebration of Women’s Day is to attain the gender equality and equal rights.

Women’s day Theme

Every year Women’s Day has a theme and the theme for this year is - I am Generation Equality - Realizing Women’s Rights

The focal point for the celebration of International women’s day is equality for women in every aspect.

Show your respect and gratitude to the special woman in your life by sending Flowers on International Women’s Day.

Women’s Day Flower

Purple is the internationally recognized colour for the women’s day

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Importance of Women’s Day

Every man’s life revolves around a woman who can be a mother, wife, daughter or sister.

There is no life on earth without woman.

Celebrate the womanhood with you on this special day by making them feel special with flowers.

• Send them the Lavish Purple roses in a glass vase to make them feel their importance in your life.
• Make them feel your love and affection with Lovely Purple and White Roses.

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Women’s Day Celebration

Celebrate the strong woman in your life with a simple women’s day event or a party by inviting her guests. Decorate the house with the flowers of her choice, be it your mother or wife or daughter, which makes them feel in heaven.

• Give her the Beautiful Hydrangea Bouquet (a combination of pink and blue hydrangeas) just to let her know how much they mean to your life.

The celebration of women and girl child should not only be a one day’s event, it should be an everyday event so we ensure their rights are protected and they are respected.

A woman’s smile is compared to that of a flower, as it blossoms one’s mind. Make the strong woman in your life happy with beautiful purple flowers this woman’s day.

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To achieve the gender equality, everyone should contribute to that, starting from our home, by treating both girls and boys in the same way. This atleast ensures the equality in the next generation.

Treat a woman as a woman so their life is happy and peaceful! Let’s celebrate the womanhood around us and take an oath to treat every woman with respect, irrespective of their title, position or wealth.

June Flowers wishes everyone a Happy International Women’s Day.