Mother’s Day gives you a chance to express your appreciation and love to your mother. There is nothing more thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts than a bouquet of flowers. Give your mother a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day UAE to make the day special. Are you unsure what type of flowers to give your mother? We have listed some Mother’s Day flowers you can give on Mother’s Day, and you can choose the one you like best.

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UAE Happy Mother’s Day

Carnations: There is a long history behind the carnation, and it is the official flower of Mother's Day. There is no doubt that the pink carnation is the most popular Mother’s Day flower because it symbolizes a mother's undying love. Celebrate this Mother's Day with the best Mother’s Day flowers Dubai from our online portal June Flowers Dubai because your mother deserves the best.

  • Elegant Bouquet
  • Delightful Bouquet
  • Dazzling Bouquet
  • Charming Bouquet

Tulips: Pink tulips will be a gorgeous gift on Mother's Day. To express your affection and warmth, choose pink tulips and you'll have a beautiful gift any mother will treasure. We, June Flowers Dubai offers a wide selection of Mother’s Day gifts to send to your mom and make Mother’s Day memorable.

  • Designer Bouquet
  • Beautiful Pink Bouquet
  • Majestic Blooms
  • Lavish Pink

Roses: Roses are the perfect Mother's Day bouquet for your mom. With their bright, cheerful appearance, roses perfectly symbolize pure love. Roses are symbolic of love, so any combination of them would make a lovely bouquet for your traditional mom. Send Gifts for Moms to Dubai from the best flower shop in the UAE, June Flowers Dubai, your first choice for your floral needs.

  • Peace of Red and Pink
  • Love of Red Roses
  • Bouquet of Red Roses
  • Peach Rose Bouquet

Orchids: Orchids are an excellent gift for a mother who likes exotic flowers. An arrangement of orchid is a genuinely one-of-a-kind flower that will complement any well-designed home. This Mother’s Day, choose the best Mother’s Day flowers from our website June Flowers Dubai.

  • Orchid in Bowl
  • Feeling of Relationship
  • Glorious Arrangement
  • Festive Punch

Chrysanthemums: Looking for last minute Mother's Day ideas? A bouquet of chrysanthemums are the best flowers for Mother’s Day. It is believed that Chrysanthemums represent purity, gratitude, love, and beauty, all virtues associated with motherhood. Celebrate this Mother’s Day by ordering the best Mother’s Day gifts Dubai from our website, June Flowers UAE.

  • Pretty Pink Bouquet
  • Alluring Bouquet
  • Gorgeous Bouquet
  • Beautiful Bouquet

Hydrangea: This year, make Mother's Day extra special with a bouquet of hydrangeas. They are luminous flowers that will brighten everyone's mood. Are you celebrating this Mother's Day in the UAE? Then, choose the best Mother's Day flowers from our website June Flowers UAE and celebrate this Mother's Day by sending Mother's Day Gifts to UAE to your mom.

  • Hydrangea Bouquet
  • Bouquet of Hydrangea
  • Dazzling Hydrangea
  • Flowers for Mothers

Conclusion: For all she has done for you throughout the years, Mother's Day is a day to honour your mother. She deserves a gift that will make her smile and create happy memories for her special day. Celebrate Mother’s Day Abu Dhabi with the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. Log on to our online portal June Flowers UAE and send flowers for Mother’s Day.

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What is the common flower for Mother’s Day?
Lilies are one of the most Mother’s Day celebrated flowers because of their symbolism of motherhood and their beautiful appearance. Send Mother’s Day Gifts Online from the best florist in the industry June Flowers Dubai and celebrate this Mother's Day in Dubai in style.