The International day of Happiness is celebrated on 20th March every year worldwide.

Flowers means beauty and happiness. Everyone will be happy to start the day with the sight of flowers.

Send flowers to Dubai this International day of Happiness with June Flowers and spread the happiness.

International day of Happiness

International day of Happiness was originally conceptualized by Jayme Illien, CEO of United Nations New World order Project to advance happiness as a fundamental human right.

In 2011, UN General Assembly, passed a resolution that acknowledged Happiness as a fundamental human goal. This led to the first Happiness conference in the year 2012. UN General Assembly, with the support of all 193 member countries declared the Happiness event would be held annually from 2013 and March 20 would be celebrated as the International day of Happiness.

Theme of International Happiness Day 2020

The International Happiness day is celebrated with a theme every year and the theme for this year is, - “Happiness for all, Together”, Happiness is always around when people are together.

Happiness Day Celebrations

There are many was to celebrate this 2020 Happiness Day!.

One of the best way to celebrate is by sending Happiness Day Flowers Dubai. Flowers are the best to spread happiness everywhere. Some of the flowers that make the International day of happiness more special are Roses, Carnations, lilies, Gerberas, Orchids and Tulips.

Send a special someone a special gift with flowers which makes them happy.

Make yourself happy by treating yourself by doing something that makes you feel the happiness. Happiness is all around us and in every small thing.

Appreciate any small thing happening around you which may be any help by your colleague or friend or a neighbor. This spreads happiness to everyone.

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Fantasy of Yellow Tulip in Vase

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Sunflowers with Mix Flowers in Vase

• This is a combination of Sunflower, Pink Roses, Orange Roses, Yellow Roses, Yellow Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Red Hybericum

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In this happiness day, let us make happiness contagious and spread it all around the world.

Also let us follow the advice and guidance of the World Health Organization and take steps to win the fight against COVID19! Make happiness contagious and not COVID19.