Chrysanthemum Makes Your Heart Bloom – Buy Chrysanthemum Flowers Online in Dubai, UAE

Autumn brings beautiful and bright Chrysanthemums. These flowers are also called as “mums” or “chrysanths.” These plants were originally cultivated in China and are also well known for its medicinal properties. The roots of this plant is boiled and used to treat headaches. With June Flower it’s very simple and profitable to send these beautiful flowers to your dear ones.

What Chrysanthemums mean around the world

Chrysanthemums play an important role in bouquet-making. In the West, gifting Chrysanthemums means joy, love, and beauty; and it also denotes appreciation. In Australia, these flowers are solemnly known as Mother’s day flowers owning to their byname “mums.” There are thousands of varieties and colours in these flowers, some of the top-picks and their significance are,

White Chrysanthemums bouquets: Around Japan and Western Europe, these are used as the flower for mourning after life. In some other countries it is also used to express Joy, happiness and loyalty.

Red Chrysanthemums bouquets: Just like other red flowers, this flower also symbolises Love and passion. This red flower mainly gets its peak during Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and also Chrysanthemum wedding bouquets can make the best present for your dear ones during the time of expressing love and hardships.

Pink Chrysanthemums bouquets: In Japan, these flowers personifies the Imperial Family, therefore, friendship and affection are evidenced by this flower all over Japan. Apart from these colours there are a very vast range of colours available in this flower type. Sending or buying chrysanthemums on occasions is a very smart choice to make your occasion look bright and colourful.

Chrysanthemum Care

Like other flowers, chrysanthemum flower bouquets are also delicate over drought, dryness and direct heat. Avoid placing them near ripening fruits or vegetables. Unwrap the bouquet, trim or recut a short portion of the stem to make it feel more hydrated, fill a vase with distilled water and place the flower in that vase. Should always make sure that the water stays fresh and with a good and required amount of flower food. Purchase these Chrysanthemum hand bouquets by ordering online. We deliver and propose farm-fresh and long-lasting flowers with exciting offers all across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and UAE-wide. Delivery is available any time; same-day delivery, special offers, and midnight delivery are available.